The Elcam Community Center follows the recommendations of Everyday Lives: Values in Action adopted by Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs. Our activities and services support individual choice while promoting long-term independence, autonomy, sustainable relationships, and community inclusion. We strive to maximize opportunites for individuals to have new experiences, develop new interests, build social networks, and participate meaningfully in the community.

Community Participation Supports

Community Participation Supports is the major focus of the Elcam Community Center. It provides opportunities and support for community inclusion, which involves participation in integrated community settings, in activities that also involve persons without disabilities. Community Participation Supports is administered by Program Specialists who are certified Community Participation Supports Specialists.


The goals of Community Paticipation Supports include:
  • Developing skills that could lead to integrated employment.
  • Engaging in community adult learning opportunities.
  • Developing and sustaining a range of valued social roles and relationships that provide friendship and support.
  • Participation in activities that provide purpose and responsibility.
  • Increasing independence and self-reliance.


Some examples of Community Participation Supports activities include:
  • Educational trips to the St. Marys Public Library
  • Educational trips to museums and historical parks
  • Touring local businesses
  • Paticipating in shopping trips and farmer's markets
  • Visiting with residents at local nursing homes
  • Volunteering at the Elk County Humane Society
  • Attending local fesitvals
Elk Country Viewing Center

Elk Country Viewing Center

Elk Country Viewing Center
Elk County Humane Society
Pinecrest Manor
CYMA Bowling


Activities within the Elcam Community Center are carefully focused to develop and refine skills required for everyday living. With each individual's interests, preferences, and abilities in mind, these activities are goal-oriented and intended to help in the areas of communication, fine and gross motor development, mobility, use of community resources, and relationship development.


Some examples of activities include:
  • Art and Craft Projects
  • Computer Education
  • Music Group Pariticpation
  • Outdoor Activities and Sports
  • Gardening Program
  • Cooking/Baking Program
  • Science Education
  • Seated Exercise Program
Group Activities

Group Activities

Group Activities
Art and Craft Projects
Gardening Program
Outdoor Activities
Cooking/Baking Program
Computer Education

Groups and Events

The Elcam Community Center has two groups which individuals can join to further explore their own interests, to develop new skills, and to socialize and build relationships.


The Elcam Club

The Elcam Club meets one Friday night per month. The goal of the club is to provide individuals a fun night out for socialization, dancing, and singing. Each Friday meeting has a different theme. Some of these themes include Super Bowl, BINGO, Prom Night, Casino Night, Movie Night, and Holiday themed nights. These nights may include an egg hunt, costume contest or a gift exchange.


The Elcam Gang

The Elcam Gang is a musical group who entertain each year at Wildcat Park, as well as for Elcam Club nights and other events. Using specially-tuned guitars, drums, and keyboards, individuals can explore their musical and singing talents.
The Elcam Club - Prom Night

The Elcam Club - Prom Night

The Elcam Club - Prom Night
The Elcam Club - Halloween Party
The Elcam Gang - Wildcat Park
The Elcam Gang - Wildcat Park


More Information

For more information, please contact...


Jennifer Weisner
Community Participation Supports Specialist

814-781-7101 Ext. 1024