General Information

We are maintaining a waiting list and admitting children from that list when spots becomes available.

We invite you to fill out the form below, call us at (814) 781-7101, Ext. 1027, or email us to reserve your child's spot today.
A Step Ahead Child Center will call you when an appropriate space is available. At that time, we will arrange for you to visit the facility. The waiting list is maintained in age groups according to the date of the pre-registration. Priority is given to those seeking full time care and children who have siblings who are already enrolled. Your child will automatically be moved up in age groups as your child increases in age.
Please let us know if you find alternative care and would like your name removed from our list. This will help someone else get the care they need sooner.
Please complete the form below, then click on "Submit" at the bottom. Required items are marked with a *.

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For more information, contact...

A Step Ahead Child Center Director

(814) 781-7101, Ext. 1027



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